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Cluster Management
& Ops Platform

We’re hand crafting the best* tool for managing containers and clusters. Baremetal servers and containers has never been so easy to manage and utilize.

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What is Rainkube?

Rainkube is an infrastructure automation and management tool by both its unique way and Kubernetes way at the same time.
Besides being simple, fast and elegant; Rainkube delivers a lot of user-friendly practicalities.

How It Works

Creating a cluster is as simple as a single line command, or a single API call.

# Create a cluster and download kubeconfig.
# It might take around 30 seconds
curl "https://api.rainkube.io/clusters" \
  -H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" \
  -d name=my-cluster

Why Rainkube?

Create Clusters in Seconds

Rainkube provides a cluster within 30 seconds, while mainstream products offer the same in 3 to 15 minutes.

By aiming for faster cluster creation process, Rainkube makes it even easier for engineers to benefit from its clusters for use cases such as CI builds, tests, small experiments and such.

Kubernetes Without Borders

In favor of engineers to experience raw upstream Kubernetes as is, there is an option to create a RAW Kubernetes Cluster. It is well suited for Kubernetes engineers and advanced users.

Note that it comes with no default installations. Nothing. It might also be useful for studying Kubernetes internals.

Unified Management

Rainkube gives users the opportunity to work on local, cloud, bare-metal, single board computers and hybrid/mixed cloud environments.

Existing clusters can also be easily imported into Rainkube and managed on a single dashboard. It does not matter where the clusters are deployed.

Efficient Resource Usage

There is no need to own a big/expensive server; even a rather small single board computer (SBC) such as Rock64 or Raspberry Pi is usually enough.

Rainkube provides power saving functionality, puts machines to sleep when not needed. This achieves high level resource usage efficiency on bare-metal level.

More Dev, Less Ops

The platform makes the development even smoother with its systematic practicalities as well.

For the best out-of-box experience, Rainkube is equipped with useful time saving features that an engineer would need in order to work with Kubernetes.